Dog approaches a shy squirrel and the little guy looks for nearest hiding place — TOO CUTE

We all need something to brighten up our days every once in a while. Sugar is bad for you, so watching adorable videos showing cute animals doing surprising things is the next best thing. If that’s something you need right now, then you should definitely watch the video below.
The clip shows a dog and his owner taking a walk in the woods. The dog comes across a shy squirrel that is not exactly comfortable being around another animal that is way bigger in size. The squirrel is most likely not used to seeing dogs on a regular basis so her reaction to the dog trying to sniff her and find out more about her basically consists of her immediately running the other way.
But here comes the best part of this video. Where do you think the squirrel runs to in hopes of finding a safe hiding spot? No, it’s not up in a tree where most of us would expect her to go.
This scared squirrel decided the dog’s owner’s leg is the best place to look for shelter and protection against the dog. Judging by these images, it was actually a smart decision.

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