Surgeons are prepared to deal with the unexpected and keep their composure no matter what. It’s actually part of their training to come to expect the unexpected, but nothing could prepare the doctor in the video below for what happened during a routine C-section.
Randy and Alicia Atkins were getting ready to welcome their baby into the world when something incredible happened. The doctor told the soon to be father that his daughter who making her way into the world grabbed his finger.
Randy hurried into the delivery room to see for himself, and even managed to take a photo of it! “The doctor called me over and said, ‘Hey, she’s grabbing my finger.’ So I ran over there and just grabbed the shot and I was just in awe looking at it. It was such an amazing picture,” said Randy.
Not surprisingly, the image went viral and got thousands of shares online. There were even some organizations who offered to buy the picture. But Randy and his family say you can’t put a price on a priceless experience.
For them and the doctor involved, this is a moment they will never forget. You need to see this!