Doctors examine the back of her head, discover a ‘twin’ living inside her brain

We’ve seen some pretty incredible stories via video over the years, but this one definitely takes things to a whole new level!
Yamini Karanam is a 26-year-old PhD student with an unbelievable story. The young woman led a pretty normal life until something extraordinary happened to her. It all started after Yamini started to have a hard time concentrating in class.
For some reason, she couldn’t understand what her professor was saying in class. She had a hard time understanding the language, something she had never experience before. At first, she thought it was just because she was tired and needed to take it slower.
However, things only got worse. It got so bad that Yamini couldn’t even hold a simple conversation with others. She finally went to the doctors to see what was going on with her and what was causing her these problems. Nothing could have prepared her for what the doctors discovered!
Believe it or not, the doctors discovered an embryonic twin inside the woman’s brain. Yep, that’s right! Another human being started developing inside her skull. Find out more about this incredible story by watching the video below.

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