Imagine this for a second: you’re all alone in an area where you know mountain lions live, it is extremely dark out, and you have absolutely nowhere to go. All of the sudden, you hear the scream of a mountain lion, but you have no idea how far (or how close) from it you actually are. There’s no way of knowing if it’s getting closer to you or not, and you have no idea what would be the best direction for you to start running towards.
It’s a pretty terrifying scenario, right? Well, it would be for most people. But maybe you’re not like most people and you didn’t find that scene to be too scary. In this case, you have to watch the video below. That mountain lion scream is enough to really ignite your imagination and send shivers down your spine.
The images were recorded by a night vision camera equipped with sound. That sounds is definitely the last thing anyone would like to hear while sitting around a campfire at night. It’s surely a lot more terrifying that any ghost story I ever heard.
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