Delaware becomes first no-kill state for shelter animals, according to activists

According to the CNN News, Delaware became the first no-kill shelter stare in the United States. The great news have been announced by the Best Friends Animal Society, at their annual conference in Dallas, Texas

The animals welfare organization is hardly working with shelters, other welfare organization and government agencies to achieve their main goal: America a no-kill country by 2025. In order to receive this status, a state needs to reach a 90 percent save rate for all shelter animals. And Delaware made it not because of some laws, but because of their countless programs to find homes for shelter animals. And one of the organizations who created some of those successful programs was Brandywine Valley SPCA.

“Within Delaware, we intake more than 60 percent of the animals entering shelters and more than four times the next largest shelter. So our policies have had a significant impact on the state becoming no-kill,” Linda Torelli, marketing director at Brandywine told CNN. The organization is taking care for more than 14,000 shelter animals a year in their three location in Delaware.

After the historical moment, the Best Friends Animal Society are hoping to achieve their purpose of ‘a 90 percent save rate’ by the end of 2025. To find out more about their incredible work, visit their website.

“The beautiful thing about this movement is that it is such a nonpartisan issue. It doesn’t matter where you may fall in your political views — everybody loves animals and most everyone understands how valuable the human-animal bond is,” Holly Sizemore, chief mission officer for Best Friends Animal Society said.

“So I do believe this movement is not only about saving animals’ lives, but it’s kind of redeeming us as people, and showing what kindness does to elevate us all and to just make a better world,” she added.

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