Daughter of Fallen Officer Interrupts Service. Private Message to Mom Has Room in Tears

For the courageous men and woman who serve their country as police officers, every day on the job could might as well be their last. Part of their commitment to serve and protect their communities involves putting their lives on the line and assuming the risk of not being able to go back to their families one day.
For Gracie Parrish, wife of 29-year-old Deputy Zackari Parrish of Castle Rock Police Department in Denver, Colorado that risk turned into reality. While working a night shit, the young police officer was fatally shot after responding to a domestic dispute call at an apartment complex.
After the incident, Gracie was heartbroken at the thought that their children will have to grow up without a father. To ease the pain and help keep the memory of their father alive, Gracie put together a small gathering where she invited Zach’s colleagues and friends to share one of their dearest memories of Zach.
Gracie and her two young daughters also took the stage, but for Gracie, the pain was just too great for her to be able to speak. As tears filled up her eyes, one of her daughter said something that helped her see the light in a what seemed to be endless darkness.
With an innocence and sincerity that only a child could possess, the toddler reassured her and comforted her mom in the simplest yet most powerful way.
Watch the touching video below to find out what were the words that helped Gracie hope that things will get better:


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