Darius Rucker’s Powerful Christmas Message Has People Re-Thinking Their New Year’s Resolutions

What are your New Year’s resolution? Hit the gym? Make more money? Buy more things? Well, these are all common goals people typically sent up for the upcoming year, and it’s not to say they are without significance. But maybe there are other goals we should strive to achieve as well.
Goals that are less about us and more about helping others, being kinder and more loving. Darius Rucker’s timeless holiday classic is a reminder for everyone to stop and think about what it is that is truly meaningful in this life.
Is it losing five pounds and buying an expensive pair of shoes? Or is it expressing your humanity and doing your best to bring peace and love amongst those you share this world with? The answers to all of these essential question lie in within ourselves and it’s our duty to bring them to surface. It’s important that we all do so.
This song will make you reflect about the things that truly matter in life and most likely change your perspective about New Year’s resolutions entirely. If this is something you want others to experience as well, take a second to share this with others.

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