Dad’s Home Alone with The Baby, Sends Mom a Text That Has Internet Laughing Along with Her

Babies grow up so fast, so it’s only natural for parents to want to capture every single moment in the lives of their children. There’s a reason there are so many pictures of babies online.
But the fun dad in the video below decided to take things further and try a more creative way of documenting all the awesome moments he spent with his baby.
For one whole year, the man recorded short videos of him and his baby hanging out while mom was at work, and the result will definitely put a big smile in your face.
The man used a clever app called Dubmash to insert voice, quotes and music from movies and famous clips to create hilarious lip sync videos. Finally, he compiled all those short clips into a single video and sent it to mom to show her all the fun they’ve had for the past year.
The woman thought the clip was absolutely hilarious so she decided to share it with others online as well. Since then, it has brought joy into the hearts of thousands of people from all over the world.
Make sure you are not the only one who hasn’t seen it yet!

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