Dad tries to help his little girl. Then she hilariously tells Dad to “worry about yourself”

As a parent, there’s no way you can not worry about your child, especially when they are younger. It’s only natural for parents to act this way because they obviously want nothing bad to happen to their children.
The thing is, though, this often comes off as parents acting overprotective or being naggy. The little girl in the video below, for instance, has a problem with her dad wanting to help her with her buckle. The little girl immediately cuts off her dad and says he should worry about himself instead of bothering with helping her. And the tone of voice she used to say it makes it pretty clear that she really doesn’t want anyone helping her.
Now, most people who saw this online thought her reaction was adorable and hilarious. Still, there were also some who deemed the girl’s response as being inappropriate and rude. Others even expressed concern wondering where exactly did she pick up that kind of language.
Whatever the explanation might be, we think it’s better to just enjoy the video without trying to read too much into it. At the end of the day, it’s a fun video that should put a smile on your face.

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