Dad Tells 2-Month-Old Daughter “I Love You” 30 Seconds Later Baby Responds In Amazing Way

Babies have a lot of amazing qualities that make us fall in love with them from the second we lay eyes on them. They are soft, adorable, innocent and often do funny things without them having any intention of doing so.
But despite all those beautiful qualities, there’s no denying that babies are not the best when it comes to communicating things (or maybe we’re just not too good at understanding them).
But there are definitely some exceptions to this rule, and the adorable baby girl in the video below is one of them. Although she is only two-months old and barely beginning to discover what this new world she’s entered has to offer, she has already started using words to communicate with her loving dad.
The clip you are just about to watch captures the baby’s precious response when her dad tells her how much he loves her, and it’s something you’ll want to watch on repeat. Without even trying too much, the baby appears to be saying “I love you” back to her dad who is left in disbelief.
Most babies start talking sometimes between 18 months and 2 years, so this is for sure not something you get to see every day.

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