Dad says “It’s time to pray.” Now watch the baby pray with the family in adorable fashion

Baby do all kinds of adorable things, but the cute little girl in the video below definitely takes things to a whole new level.
The baby girl was sitting down with her family to eat when dad started saying grace and thank God for all the food that’s on the table. This is a common practice for many families, but what’s surprising about this clip is the girl’s reaction.
Despite being too young to even walk or talk properly, this little angel knows exactly how to behave at the table when her dad starts saying the prayer. The intensity with which the little girl prays alongside her family is downright adorable.
They say kids have this extraordinary ability to sense the energy in the room, which could explain this little baby’s reaction as well. But whatever the explanation might be for her behavior, people online are going crazy over it – and for good reason.
The clip has gathered millions of views online and brought smiles to people’s faces throughout the world.
This is just too precious for words to fully describe! So if you need something to brighten up your day, this is the video for you!

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