When her Dad says “bang” I never thought she’d react like THIS — Hilarious!

We already know parrots are really good at mimicking human speech and other sounds around the home, but the parrot in the video below has a talent that you would definitely not expect.
Kili the Senegal parrot has somehow managed to become a master at “playing dead.” We’ve all seen dogs do this trick really well, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a parrot do it. In all fairness, Kili has been practicing this move for about half a year know, and his owner says she’s only gotten better over time.
Kili can now lye motionless on her back for 10 seconds or more and keep her head down to the floor. No matter what is going on around her, the parrot won’t move until she gets the cue. If you wouldn’t know what was going on, you would totally think this parrot was dead. And this is not the only trick she knows. In fact, Kili’s owner managed to teach her over thirteen tricks.
In case you were wondering, Kili is of the species Poicephalus Senegalus which is a green and black parrot native to West Africa.

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