Dad prints board games on bed sheets so sick kids lying in Hospitals don’t get bored

Nobody likes hospitals, but in these modern times our lives starts there and we have to go there at least once a year for checkups. This was the case of Kevin Gatlin , who unfortunately had to visit the hospitals a lot when he was a kid. It was unpleasant, we know, but beside the medical part he we also bored by the monotonous environments of hospital rooms. As he became an adult, he didn’t forget about those times and decided that children were never forced to endure the same boredom. And he invented something simple and very useful to help decorate the hospital rooms.

Gatlin is the CEO of Playtime Edventures,a company that created an interactive set of bed sheets with dozens of games and lessons for children confined to their hospital beds.

The entrepreneur from Charlotte, North Carolina first got the idea for the bed sheets after he went to go visit his friend’s hospitalized child several years ago. A few years ago, he visited his friend’s kid, hospitalized in a small and simple room. In that moment he got the idea of creating interactive bed sheets for children.

The idea of a child spending hours upon hours in bed, in a plain white room, made him unhappy and remembered his wife had always played games on his son’s bed in order to help him fall asleep.

His unique and helpful sheets are being used in 10 public hospitals across the country – but since his customers are able to donate bedsheets to their own local hospitals, that number could be much higher.

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