Dad Hears Strange Noises Coming from Attic, Hides A Camera & Uncovers Disgusting Truth

Hearing strange noises coming from the attic is unpleasant, no matter how old you are. Even so, most of us choose to ignore them and not make too much of a big deal out of it. However, a sound coming from his attic led the man in the video below to make a chilling discovery.
Jerome and Ashley Kennedy live in a beautiful, historic home in Pittsburg with their ten-month-old baby girl. Their house is right next to their neighbor’s property but that hasn’t bothered them. That’s until one night when Jerome starting hearing strange noises that seemed to be coming from somewhere in the attic. For some reason, the man’s instinct told him that he should investigate and find out what was going on.
With a flashlight in his hand, the man opened his attic and when he looked inside, he couldn’t believe his eyes. There were obvious signs that someone had been up there recently, so he decided to have a surveillance installed to get some answers.
What the footage revealed is downright creepy. One of his neighbors whose house was supposedly undergoing renovation had been sneaking into his attic – and there was no plausible explanation for it.
Take a look:

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