Cyclist meets quokka on his bike ride. Quokka refuses to leave him alone

The Internet has a new favorite animal, and that is the Quakka.
Often described as the happiest animals in the world (because of the fact that they always look like they are smiling), Quakkas are small macropods about the size of a domestic cat. They weight about 2.5 to 5 kilograms (5.5 to 11.0 lbs.) and measure 40 to 54 centimeters.
You can meet one of them in person if you are lucky to live or travel to Rottnest Island, a smaller island off the coast of Western Australia, or Bald Island near Albany.
These cute little fellas are known to be pretty friendly towards people and they are likely to let them pet them as they have become accustomed with tourists. They often hang around on the side of the road hoping to make some new friends and get something to eat.
It’s how the man in the video below came across two precious Quokkas! They spent a few minutes together, and the man was set to carry on with his bike tour. However, much to his surprise, the two friendly Quakkas seemed as if they weren’t quite ready to say goodbye.
The man’s friend managed to capture the moment on video.

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