Everyone knows just how much fun chasing bubbles brings to little kids, or even dogs. But what about some cute spirited penguins? Well, Newquay Zoo in England thought to give it a try and the results are absolutely adorable. Watching these birds playing with the bubbles is the sweetest thing you’ll see this week!

Image credits: Newquay Zoo

Penguins are very social creatures and since zoos in the UK are closed to the public due to the lockdown restriction, the staff at the Newquay Zoo was looking for alternatives to cheer up their tiny penguins colony. And they managed to do it in such a cute way. With the help of a bubble machine, needed to say!

“The animals’ routines has changed a little bit on a daily basis, zookeeper Dan Trevelyan told Cornwall Live. “So we’ve had to cut out some of the experiences and things they would receive throughout the day.”

Image credits: Newquay Zoo

Just as everyone expected, the sweet penguins were extremely happy with this brand new experience. They just couldn’t stop chasing the colorful bubbles all over their enclosure. An activity that keeps them in a good shape both mentally and physically. These penguins couldn’t be happier!

“In the wild, these guys are marine predators and they are very sensitive to objects and movement,” Dan Trevelyan said. “The bubble machine is fantastic as all the movement and new shapes and colors really stimulate these guys, they have a great time chasing them around.”

Watch these little fellas having the time of their lives while chasing bubbles!

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