Crowd In Awe As Ballerina Spins On Stage, Suddenly Music Changes & She Transforms Before Their Eyes

Ballet and hip hop dancing are two extremely different styles of dance, but who says that they can’t be included in the same performance? The incredibly-talented girl in the video below proves that ballet and hip hop is a match made in heaven, and it’s something that you’ll want to share with all of your friends and family online.
Annika Verplancke is only 14-years-old but she has already managed to master not one but two incredibly difficult dance genres that are extremely different from one another. The girl included them both in the same choreography and the result was beyond anything people in the audience expected.
Her outfit matched her unique mix of dances as well, with the girl wearing a costume that was half ballet and half street style. This, of course, only made her routine that more original. It’s a performance that stands out from the rest, and a breath of fresh air!
If you want to see a ballet choreography that goes beyond the traditional and incorporates modern elements, then this is the video for you. In case you appreciate this young dancer and her initiative, show your support by sharing this clip with others.

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