Herd of cows see a turtle in their field and have comical reaction

Everyone knows how playful and jovial animals are. Sometimes our cute little four-legged friends acts just like their only mission on Earth is to make us smile. And they definitely achieved it, because there’s no better way to bright up the day as a funny animal footage!

But while we all got used with dogs or cats to bring a big smile on our faces, I just want to remind you that farm animals are as hilarious and enjoy having fun just as much as any other pet does. And this short, yet so hilarious footage of a herd of cows interacting (more or less) with a “scary” turtle, proves it.

These cows went out on their field for an ordinary walk. Well, that’s what they’ve thought! But everything had changed when the herd came over a mysterious rocky creature what was sitting right there in the middle of their ground. Driven by curiosity, but also very sceptical, some of the cows (the braver) decided to investigate. Of course, all this time, the tiny turtle stayed there without moving ( perhaps it was even more scared).

And just when we thought the cows would only smell the unfamiliar creature and move on, they have the perplex reaction. Like they’d seen the scariest creature on Earth. Ohh…the poor little turtle. But as it wasn’t enough already, a calf thinks he’s bold enough to solve the mystery. Soon after he’s hightailing as the entire herd.

Watch the cows funny reaction, here:

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