Couple Win Free Tickets To Las Vegas Concert, Make Decision After Tragedy Making Headlines

The recent tragic event in Las Vegas has definitely made all of us think about evil and all the sufferance it can cause in the world. But it’s also during tragic events like these that the good and the kindness that exists in humans shine the brightest as well.
It’s easy to focus on the negative and forget that there’s more good in the world than there is evil. But it’s particularly important that we hold on to hope – especially during troubled times like this.
It’s during difficult moments that we need stories like the one shared in the clip below; stories that remind us of all the love that surrounds us. Dawn-Marie Gray and her husband Kevin had won tickets to the Las Vegas country music festival through a radio contest.
The two were having a good time at the concert when chaos unleashed after the first shots were fired into the crowd. As everyone else did, they ran for their lives and managed to take cover in an VIP area.
But seeing how many people got injured, they decided to do something that only a hero would do. Dawn-Marie has experience working as a paramedic, and she knew that it would most likely be a while until paramedics will be cleared by the police to get inside the attack area parameter.
So, after the shooting finally stopped, she and her husband went back to help those injured and provided emergency first-aid medical care on sight.
In the interview below, they talk about the experience of being among the firsts to help those injured by the horrific attack.

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