Couple Hides Pregnancy for Months, Then Show Up at Their Family’s Door with Baby and Film Their Reactions

In this day and age when everybody shares everything on social media, it’s hard to keep anything a secret. But hiding the fact that you are expecting a baby seems downright impossible.
Even so, the couple in the video below managed to keep the fact that they are going to become parents a secret for no less than nine months. During the entire pregnancy, the soon to be parents kept both of their families and their friends in the dark because they wanted to surprise them like they’ve never been surprised before.
It wasn’t easy not sharing the big news with their loves ones, but they say that seeing the reactions of their loved ones when they showed up with a baby on their doorsteps made it all worthwhile.
The proud daddy managed to get everyone’s priceless reactions on video and later shared it with the rest of the world alongside a caption that read: “This is Ivy and our family and friends don’t know that she exists because we haven’t seen them in 10 months. So we’re going to go surprise them.”
Can you believe they managed to keep all this a secret for nine months? Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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