Cops Pull Woman Over For Expired Tags, Doesn’t Realize She’ll Report Them

Sometimes, life has a funny way of pulling you backward, and Naomi Norelli, the mom in the video below, knows this way too well.
For the last few years, this single mom has been struggling to make ends meet. It’s been a couple of rough years for her, as Naomi not only lost her job but she also experienced some very serious health problems.
Everything seemed to be going from bad to worse and Naomi felt like she just couldn’t catch a break. So when a police officer pulled her over because the tags of the car she had just bought to be able to get to work each day were expired, she thought that it was yet another obstacle life has placed in her way.
But as it later turned out, it was the opposite of that. You see, the cops were forced to give Naomi a ticket for breaking the law, but later went to her house with a bag full of groceries because Naomi explained that the money she used to pay the ticket was money she needed to buy food for her children. Watch the video below to get more details about how everything unfolded.

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