Cop Stands Near Woman with Suspended License, 3rd Party Takes Photo Now Going Viral

When Officer Jonathan Mcleod pulled over a car in the parking lot of a famous fast food chain, he did something that you won’t find in any police textbook. In fact, he hoped nobody would take note of his actions because he actually did something that could easily be characterized as being outside of the legal boundaries of the law.
But he actually ended up being praised for his gesture online. How come? Well, you see, the police officer had stopped a woman who had her two kids in the car with her. His training kicked in and he was immediately able to spot that something was wrong.
Both the woman and her kids were acting a bit suspicious. The police officer asked for the license and registration and then is when the woman confessed of driving with an expired license. But what happened next is key to this story.
The reason the woman was driving although her license was expired was because the car was actually their home. She and her kids were homeless and the woman used the car to drive from shelter to shelter looking for a safe place her kids could sleep at.
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