Cop Spots Something Peculiar About Homeless Man, Takes Immediate Action

Homelessness is an issue most of us are faced with on a daily basis. We see homeless people on our way to work, in the parking lot at the store we usually shop at, in the subway, and the list could on on forever.
It’s a sight we’ve gotten used to, but that’s had a somewhat dehumanizing effect. For the most part, people choose to ignore these homeless people to a point in which they almost seem invisible.
This is sad, because sometimes, all they need is to be seen and acknowledged as human beings who have a right to be happy. Maybe this is why one cop’s kind gesture aimed at a homeless man has stroke a chord with so many people online.
The police officer was filmed helping a homeless man put a brand new pair of shoes on. Apparently, the officer saw him walking barefoot, and because it happened to have an extra pair of shoes on him, he decided the homeless man needed the shoes more than he did.
This kind of commitment to the community is impressive and comes to show just how invested some police officers are when it comes to their job.

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