Kind cop rescues drowning dog from muddy pond

A New Jersey police officer is hailed a hero after he went beyond and above to save a dog’s life

Officer John Kuligowski with the Washington Township Police Department, had to act quickly after his patrol responded to a call about a pup found in desperate need of help. The poor dog got stuck into a pond, unable to swim onshore due to the deep mud. Distressed and confused, the dog’s fate seemed to be sealed. But, the kind-hearted cop immediately jumped into action.

Image credits Washington Township Police Department

He took a kayak he found nearby and he paddled out to save the boxer-mastiff mix. Even he wasn’t able to get the massive dog onto the kayak, the quick-thinking officer somehow managed to guide the drowning dog to the shores and save her life.

Image credits Washington Township Police Department

The cute dog, names Akela only got herself with a scare as she managed to get out from the muddy pond unharmed. She even posed for some snaps with the man who gladly saved her life. “Akela was in high spirits after her ordeal and even posed for a few quick pictures before being turned over to Animal Control Solutions,” the police department wrote.

As the man who initially called the cops, said, it turns out the dog, who was walking alone on the streets, avoid getting hit by a car in the last moment. But unfortunately she found herself trapped in the pond as a result. When arrived, the officers immediately noticed the stranded dog was exhausted as she was struggling to keep her head afloat. So they knew they had to act quickly to save her. Thankfully, officer’s Kuligowski efforts paid off and Aleka is now safe! Watch the dramatic rescue here:

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