Cop Pulls Over for Woman Hunched Over in Chair, 1 Look at Her Legs Reveals Truth She Can’t Ignore

Being a police officer definitely comes with many hurdles, but luckily, there are some dedicated men and women out there who are willing to face all those hurdles with dignity and go beyond their job descriptions to help the community that they took an oath to serve.
Officer Marsha Lohnes is one of them. To her, being a police officer is more than a job that gets the bills paid. It’s her calling and a privilege. It’s something that she wanted to do for as long as she can remember, because she’s always felt like it’s a great way to help others.
Just recently, the officer shared an image on Facebook that proves that she really cares about all the people in her community. The image that accompanies the post shows her kneeling down next to a homeless woman.
According to the caption, the woman is mentally ill and has an infection on her leg, so the police officer makes sure she constantly checks up on her because she is among the few people whom she allows to get near her.
If you enjoyed this story of human compassion and kindness, you’ll also appreciate the video below that showcases yet another act of police kindness caught on camera.

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