“Coconut”- Beautiful Rare WAR HORSE Medicine Cap Filly – first day outside

As you probably already know, there are many different color patterns that a horse can be born with. Sure, all horses are beautiful, but there are certain patterns that are considered to be extremely rare. The medicine hat pattern is one of those rare patterns.
This pattern is so special that Native Americans used to believe that horses born with it actually have magical powers that would help those who rode them win battles.
The beautiful horse in the video below named Coconut was born with this extremely rare pattern, and the Internet is falling in love with him. Sure, the little horse has no idea why he is getting so much attention from people from all over the world.
He has no idea that it’s the unusual marking on his face that is causing so much commotion, but he definitely seems to love the attention.
For now, Coconut is still with his mom, enjoying nature and slowly discovering the exciting world around him. The clip below was actually taken on his first day outside. You can see him prancing around with the other horses and just having a good time.
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