Chubby squirrel caught munching on a slice of pizza in NYC

You probably all heard of Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel from the Ice Age series, and his constantly obsession for acorns. Well, millions of years apart from that time, the history rewrite itself. Apparently the cute tiny mammals are not in love only with acorns or peanuts, but with pizza as well!


The New York based Sheyne Lee was getting back home when spotted a very romantic scene. A few feet away from his home, a chubby squirrel expressing its absolute love to a slice of pizza. It has to be mouth-watering delicious since the squirrel was wolfing down its precious food.

Even it was rapidly devouring the pizza, Sheyne still managed to get his cellphone and film the epic moment.

The unimpeded squirrel didn’t seems bothered someone’s watching it dining nor it has any intention of sharing! It just sits there on the railing and enjoy its delicious meal. Well, that until it considers Sheyne is too close, when it decides to get lost. But not alone, of course, but carrying its appetizing meal.

(Featured image credits FACEBOOK/SHEYNE LEE BENOIT)

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