This Chill Restaurant Worker Avoided A Robbery By Completely Ignoring The Thief

A robbery is typically a very traumatizing experience. That’s if you are the one getting robbed, of course. It’s easy to understand why most people would lose their calm and start to panic while being threatened with a gun or another type of weapon and asked to empty the cash register.
But the truth is that you can’t know how you are going to react in that situation until you actually experience something like that. The owner in the video below had an unusual reaction when a masked robber entered his Souvlaky shop holding a gun and asking him to give him all of the money in the shop.
The owner seemed unfazed by the robber and just ignored him. The man pretended like nothing out of the ordinary was going on and just took care of the business as usually. He handed the order to one of the customers in the shop, and seemed totally oblivious to the fact that there was an armed man in the shop as well.
After serving the customer, the man simply walked away from the counter, leaving the robber with nothing else to do than to leave the shop empty-handed.
You need to see this!

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