Celine Hears “Queen” Favorite Start To Play, Bursts Into Tears Realizing Familiar Voice On Stage

Celine Dion is usually the one surprising and delighting everyone with her incredible voice, but this time around, she was the one left in tears by the performance of a fellow singer whom she loves and appreciates dearly.
The singer’s name is Marc Martel, and in addition to his outstanding vocal abilities, the young man is known for his impeccable way of performing famous Queen covers. It’s needless to say that no one will ever come near to matching Freddie Mercury’s special voice, but this man comes pretty close. In fact, if you were to close your eyes and focus on his voice, you may think you’re actually listening to Freddie.
Marc Martel who is also originally from Canada recently surprised Celine Dion as part of a TV show, and her reaction is going viral. It’s pretty incredible to see such a famous singer like Celine get star-struck by another artist, but in a way, it only makes us love the Canadian singer even more.
To watch Marc’s mind-boggling performance in full and take a look at Celine’s surprising reaction, all you have to do is hit the Play button below.

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