Why cats save their unique meows to communicate with their humans — Science

Ever had that eerie sensation that your cat is actually trying to say something to you and communicate something? Well, as a cat owner, you’ve probably experienced this numerous of times. And according science, it’s not just in your head. You cat may actually try to tell you something using particular meows.
Dr. John Bradshaw says there is compelling evidence suggesting that there’s a reason why cats are constantly meowing at their owners, and it’s not because they are constantly hungry as many of us may have thought.
Cat communication is a lot more surprising, more complex and more fascinating than you may expect. Cats use a wide array of sounds and noises to communicate not only with other cats, but also with humans. So the sounds your cat, or any other cat for that matter, makes are not random. They are a part of an intricate language that is constantly developing.
If you’d like to find out more about the sounds your cat may be using to try and communicate with you, then you should definitely watch the video below. The clip is a part of a BBC special animal series and reveals some surprising facts.

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