Toddler saves kitten’s life, on year later the cat returned the favour

Many people can relate that their feline companions are nothing but spoiled little creatures who sleep all day long. Of course they woke up from time to time for some cuddling sessions. Nonetheless, this beautiful story proves that cats can be more than that!

A few years ago, Sally Gaunt from Boronia, near Melbourne, Australia was looking for a kitten to adopt. So she took her two years old son and they paid some visits to the local shelters. It was love at first sight when Beau, the little boy and Sandy, the a carrot colored kitten have met each other!

Sally Gaunt

“Sandy just jumped up into his lap and immediately snuggled into Beau,” Sally said. “The volunteer at the RSPCA got her camera as she said she had never seen this bond so quickly and wanted to show her co workers. It was instant so we took him home.”

Ever since, the duo was inseparable, but a dramatic scene happened a year later. One night, while sleeping with her son, Sully just felt Sandy is desperately trying to wake her up. “It was Good Friday and Sandy woke me – pawing and biting my hair. I thought he wanted feeding so ignored him, but he kept on biting me,”she says.

Sally Gaunt

When she woke, she soon realized what was happening. Her 3-year-old son was having a seizure, so she quickly called the ambulance. “I woke to find Beau unconscious in bed twitching, making clicking noises and drooling a great deal,” she said.

But what’s more impressive is that all that time, Sandy never left his best friend’s side. “I was so upset, but noticed Sandy sitting under the stretcher.” Then, she realized Sandy saved her baby’s life. “The hospital advised Beau was very lucky to have Sandy as he would have passed away if we hadn’t found him … we are eternally grateful to still have Sandy in our lives.”

Sally Gaunt

After further investigation, the doctors found out Beau had epilepsy. “Beau still has epilepsy. He is doing well now. His epilepsy was generally nocturnal so for years we had to sleep with a video monitor on to ensure we could be alerted,” Beau’s mom said.

For his heroic act, the cat even won the Advocate People’s Rescue Story in the national Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards. Of course, even now, Sandy is always there for the boy who saved his life when needed. “Sandy is always with him at night,” Sully says.

More about this beautiful story in the video below!

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