Cat and her beloved dad have the sweetest reunion at nursing home

Chicken Little and her dad, Tony have always been an inseparable duo. Since the day the two first met, they shared a very special bond. Unfortunately, things have changed last year, when Tony suffered a stroke. Since that day, it was – sadly – clear he would no longer be able to take care of his old pal!

Tony was a great man and everyone in the community loved him, so his friends and neighbors immediately started to search for a foster home for the lovely cat. Thankfully, soon after they post an announcement in a local pets Facebook group, a woman named Amanda Hassan offered to foster Chicken Little.

Image credits Amanda Hassan/FACEBOOK

Meantime, Tony was released from the ICU, but he needed for someone to permanently look after him, so he moved into a nursing home. But since nursing homes did not allow pets, Tony had to give up to his old furry companion. However, we was glad to know that Chicken Little was in such good hands. When she heard the news, Amanda – who fell in love with Chicken Little when the sweet cat first stepped into his home, decided to adopt him right away.

Image credits Amanda Hassan/FACEBOOK

“He called her his Little Angel, but we’ve taken to calling her Chicken Little because she talks so much,” Amanda wrote in a Facebook post. “Chicken Little is an aspiring florist, but she lacks dedication on sunny days. Her favourite flowers are ones she can roll around in and make a delightful mess.”

Amanda was so happy with her new family member, but she also knew that Little’s dad is missing him so much. So she thought it would so nice to arrange a reunion between them. However, the things were a little bit complicated since pets are not allowed in nursing homes. But thankfully, the staff at the nursing home was so kind to help her out. “The nursing and care staff just pretend they don’t see her,” Amanda told The Dodo.

Image credits Amanda Hassan/THE DODO

As you can imagine, the moment Tony and his lovely friend have seen each other was overwhelming for both of them. As soon as they stepped into Tony’s room, Little just run over to him. Of course Tony offered him some lovely cuddles and some belly rubs. Such a sweet reunion for these old friends.

Image credits Amanda Hassan/THE DODO

When the time to say goodbye to each other came, both Tony and Little Angel remained in high spirits and Tony said he hopes to see the cat with whom he shared so many beautiful moments, pretty soon. But Amanda promised him, she and Little Angel will visit him regularly. We are hoping to take her in every couple of weeks,” she said. “We are hoping to keep his spirits up with regular visits.”

(Featured image credits Amanda Hassan/FACEBOOK)

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