Caring man rescues kitten from deep pipe, but doesn’t expect her adorable thank you

Kittens are small and curios in nature, which is not always the best combination, as it frequently gets tiny felines in pretty dangerous situations. That was the case of the adventurous kittens in the video below.

As they were playing outside and exploring nature, the kittens fell into a deep, dark pipe and got stuck there. But, thankfully a kind-hearted man heard them meowing loudly and decided to put his plans for the day on hold and try help the kittens get out from the pipe. He knew the rescue process wouldn’t be easy as the kittens were stuck pretty far down the pipe. However, he just couldn’t bear the thought of the small cats suffocating down there, in the dark.

By using a long and suitable piece of material that he knew the cats would be able to hold onto and lowering it into the pipe, the man managed to get all the cats out from the pipe and back to safety. He also took a video of the entire process, and it’s a good thing he did, because the kittens’ reaction to meeting their rescuer is downright precious. See how the cats expressed their gratitude by watching the footage bellow!

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