Be Careful What You Microwave. According to Science, Here Are 12 Items That Are Unsafe to Microwave

Introduced to the masses in the late 1940s, the microwave has since been something that many people consider to be a daily necessity. And in many ways, the microwave is a godsend. It’s convenient, cheap and heats up your food fast so that you can save time.
But although there are many different ways to use this kitchen essential, some things should never be microwaved.
Sure, we all know about metal and the microwave not being a good match, but there are also a whole bunch of other stuff you shouldn’t put in there like, let’s say, aluminum foil. Whenever you want to heat up your leftover food, make sure to remove the aluminum foil, because it can actually start a fire!
Another random item you should never microwave is stainless steel and travel mugs. The explanation for this is pretty simple: the heat will be blocked from warming the liquid inside so you’re basically wasting power for nothing.
What’s more, it can also damage your microwave, so you’re better off just heating up your tea or coffee on the stove before putting it in your travel mug.
If you like Chinese food, this next piece of advice will definitely come in handy. You know those take-out boxes you get when you order Chinese food? As tempting as it may be to do so, never put those boxes in your microwave.
The metal handles and plastic can start a fire!
These are just three of the everyday objects you should never microwave. Discover ten more by watching the clip below. This is essential information that everyone should know, so make sure to pass it along to your family and friends.

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