Researchers left cameras in the woods hoping to film grizzly bears but they got a genuinely dancing show

While filming for one of their shows, a BBC team has managed to capture on video some dancing bears in the wild, just like Baloo from The Jungle Book. There is a number of circus. Kate Kendall from U.S. Geological Survey and colleagues have also managed to capture a black bear and a grizzly in funny poses, Latin dance, while scratching his back against a tree. These giants have some skills, though!

YouTube/BBC Earth

Their research is part of a larger study designed to estimate the number of bears had been in the wild and their distribution in the US state of Montana. Scientists believe that the use of these dancing bears trying to scratch in less accessible places on their back, but not only: they shall communicate such presence of other peers.

YouTube/BBC Earth

“It is probably a form of chemical communication. Usually bears sniffing trees first and then scratch them,” said Kendall. While BBC filmmakers wrote: “Sometimes bears have an itch they just have to scratch!”

You can watch the hilarious moments in the video below!

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