Bunny Does Something Hilarious To The Baby And Runs Off. This Is Too Good To Miss!

I don’t have to tell you that life is not always fair. Sometimes, things get stolen from right under your nose, and you can’t do anything but admit something unfair has happened to you and move on. No one says it’s fun, but it’s a lesson that we all need to learn at some point during our lives.
The adorable baby in the video below learned his lesson early on in his life and from somebody whom he never expected. You see, the kid was enjoying a day out, chilling in his baby chair and eating some scrumptious crackers, when all of the sudden a sneaky rabbit who fancied some crackers himself got close to him and stole the crackers right from the baby’s hands.
Now, before you start judging the rabbit for stealing food from an innocent kid, answer me this question: Haven’t you ever done something despicable to get your hands on your favorite snack? I’ve never stolen food from a baby, but I did come pretty close once. I just can’t seem to control myself around nachos.
The point is: Life’s tough. Trust no one, especially when it comes to snacks. Not even a fluffy bunny.

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