He brings his sick puppy home from the vet, but he doesn’t expect his cat to respond like THIS

The internet has made so many great things possible. It’s helped us easily connect and interact with people who live all over the word, and access information about all subjects you can think off. It’s given us more opportunities, but above all, it’s given us cat videos. Without the mighty power of the Internet, we might still think that cats and dogs can never be friends. That would have been a pity, wouldn’t it?
Now, cats have a bad rap for being selfish creatures that only think about themselves and are incapable of feeling any real empathy for others. In all fairness, it’s not like they put too much effort into making us believe otherwise. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t form close friendships with other animals and show a genuine interest towards their well-being.
The video below is the perfect example. After a trip at the vet, Zeke, the pup, was feeling a bit tired and a little upset. Being the good friend that she is, the cat decided to play nurse and give her friend a nice massage and some kisses to help him feel better. Judging by how relaxed the dog looks, she’s actually doing a good job!

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