Whether it was at a party of in front of our living room mirror, we all tried to mimic famous celebrities at least a couple of times. Maybe you have a favorite celebrity you’ve studied over the years, and you’ve gotten pretty good at impersonating him or her. But what the guy in the video below is able to do when it comes to impersonating celebrities belongs to a different category.
Ross Marquand is what you would call a genius impersonator. He is able to mimic a wide array of celebrities, and every single one of his impersonations is spot on. In a matter of seconds, he can turn himself into pretty much every big celebrity you can think of, from Justin Timberlake or George Clooney, to Al Pacino or Brad Pitt. Every single gesture, every look, even the sound of his voice transforms to fit the character he is impersonating.
Well, I can imagine it’s not hard for him to get a reservation at a restaurant. I mean, he can just pick up the phone, dial the restaurant, and introduce himself as George Clooney or other Hollywood A-list celebrity. No one will be able to tell the difference.