This Brave Little Girl Is Set to Prove Down Syndrome Can’t Stop People From Fulfilling Their Dreams

Meet Sofia Sanchez, an incredible 7-year-old girl who wants the world to know that Down syndrome “isn’t scary at all” and that in fact, it’s actually quite “exciting.”
Sofia is making headlines across the country after her mom posted several videos of her that prove just how incredible she is. The girl is challenging all misconceptions and stigmatization surrounding those who have Down syndrome. And she’s doing so effortlessly, just by being her amazing self.
Her message about Down syndrome is like nothing you’ve ever heard. Her confident attitude is inspiring. Despite her young age, she knows that she can do anything she puts her mind to and that Down Syndrome is not something that can stop her from achieving her biggest dreams.
Her message about what it really means to be different is as genuine as it is empowering. Watch as Sofia is using her own words to share what she thinks with the world and reach out to others who may be afraid of her condition or misunderstand it.
Everybody needs to see this, so make sure to share this powerful video with all of your friends and family online.

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