Not all heroes wear capes and this brave guy in the UK is definitely that sort of person. All after a short video of him performing a dramatic rescue went viral on social media. Without hesitation, the 29-year-old man just jumped off the rocks in the sea to save a tiny hedgehog.

It happened in Livermead Sands in Torquay, UK, where a group of bystanders has spotted a tiny creature struggling to stay afloat a few feet off shore. The witnesses have unsuccessfully tried to alert a group of kayakers what were paddling off the coast, in order to save the helpless animal. But just when everyone thought it’s a lost cause, a brave man came out of nowhere and saved the little one’s life.

Rob Jenkins – a contractor of Hi Line Contractors Ltd, has just finished his day work and he was with his colleagues, packing up their things, not far away from the spot where the hedgehog has been seen. When hearing the noise, Rob knew something’s wrong so he jumped into action.

Watch the dramatic rescue here:

“When he spotted [the hedgehog] Rob did not hesitate, ” Mark Wills, Rob’s colleague told local media. “[He] just stripped down to his shorts and jumped in. Thankfully, the kindhearted man has managed to safety bring the tiny animal on shore. Asked about his heroic gesture, Rob has joked saying “it was such a hot day anyway, I didn’t mind jumping in.”

As about the rescue animal, Rob and his co-workers named him Henry and one of the employees took him into his home to take care of him. “I took the hedgehog home and got it checked over,” the man said. “We fed it and gave it somewhere to sleep for the night. In the morning I released him into my garden and he’s still there. ”

(h/t: devonlive)

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