Brandon family’s pit bulls save young children from venomous copperhead snake

Dogs are known as being a man’s best friend, but even so, some people are a bit hesitant when it comes to allowing a dog near their young children. How come? Well, many are worried that dogs would become violent for no apparent reason and hurt their children in one way or another.
But in the case of the family in the video below, it’s the exact opposite. Melissa Butt is the proud grandmother of a four-year-old named Zayden and a one-year-old Mallory. The woman was supervising the children when the unbelievable happened.
Melissa was in the kitchen when she heard her two dogs barking furiously. The sound was coming from the backyard where the two kids were playing. She called the dogs inside, but they didn’t obey her orders like they usually do.
So the woman rushed outside and saw that her two dogs were in attack mode. But the attack wasn’t aimed at the two kids. In fact, it was meant to protect them from a venomous copperhead snake.
Being a hero is often about being in the right place at the right time. And these dogs are definitely heroes. You need to see this!

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