Boy throws trash in bin, Is caught off guard hearing bizarre sound coming from inside

The fact that pollution is a growing problem not only in The United States but across the world as well is no longer a surprise to anyone. According to recent statistics, hundreds of millions of tons of garbage is produced every single year, and the worst part is that we waste a lot of important resources simply because we buy more than we need.
Just as detrimental to the environment (if not more) is the fact that we sometimes throw garbage all over the place, be it parks, rivers or even the streets. In an attempt to raise awareness about the importance of not scattering garbage all around the environment, a group of innovators came up with a smart idea to make throwing rubbish in the designated bins more fun to do.
Those in charge of the project placed a motion sensing sound machine inside a garbage bin and labeled it “World’s Deepest Bin.” This was meant to spark passersby’ curiosity, and it definitely worked considering that many people actually picked up garbage that weren’t theirs just to test the bin and see what it does.
Every time someone threw a piece of garbage into the bin, a strange sound would come of it, making it seem like the garbage is on a never-ending journey to the bottom of the bin.
The results of this unlikely experiment proves that fun can actually change behavior for the better: during a single day, 72 kilograms were collected from that bin. That’s almost double the amount of garbage being collected from that same bin prior to this experiment.
Pretty impressive, right?

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