Little boy holds his arms out wide. Now watch the chicken run up to him for a hug

Pets come in many shapes and sizes and they can all be great and loving companions, but the truth is that not many people think about chickens as pets. Well, there’s the right guarding for everybody, and the video below proves it.
In it, a little boy named Mason shares a special moment with his best friend, a chicken appropriately named Love Bird, and it’s enough to put a smile on anybody’s face. The two met when the Mason’s family adopted Love Bird. You see, the bird hatched during Mason’s nursery school class project, and Mason just couldn’t imagine giving up the little baby chick.
So he was in charge of feeding the bird and giving her water, but he also made sure the chick didn’t feel lonely and that she always had someone to play with. As time went by, the connection between them two grew stronger and stronger.
But when Mason got a new haircut recently, his family feared that Love Bird will no longer recognize his best friend. Find out what happened when the two re-saw each other for the first time by watching the video below.
It will make your day.

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