As someone who has lived with Down Syndrome his entire life, 21-year-old John Cronin knows all about the challenges of growing up around people who disregard you as a person just because you are not exactly like everyone else.
He knows all about the stereotypes, the difficulties and the struggles, but he also knows that through hard work, confidence, determination and some help from those who love you, you can overcome any barrier.
You see, John started his own company alongside his dad; more precisely an online company that specializes in selling creative and colorful sock designs that are in sync with John’s bubbly personality and unique take on the world.
John had always had a passion for socks and was looking for a way to share this interest with others. The online store turned out to be the perfect way to introduce John’s ideas to the world, and in the first year alone, the father-son sold more than 1,500 different kinds of socks, cashing in on $1.4 Million.
More importantly, though, John proved once again that the only limit that truly exists is the one you set for yourself. The message that John wants the world to know is that there’s nothing holding you back from pursuing your dreams and achieving your goals in life.
There is nothing stopping you from dreaming big and living your best life, and that is a powerful message that we could all use to remember and apply in our own lives, don’t you think?
Learn more about John’s inspiring success by watching the video below.