Boy Is Declared Dead Twice – Returns From Afterlife And Tells Mom Who He Met In Heaven

Every parent’s worst nightmare is losing a child. It’s tragic situation the mom in the video experienced – twice. And in both cases, it was the same son. How is this even possible? Well, read on to find out.
The whole tragedy started when Julie Kemp and her family were T-boned on the car’s driver’s side by another driver on their way back from church. The accident killed Julie’s husband and left her 8-year-old son Landon with extremely severe injuries.
In fact, the boy was declared dead at the scene, but urgency medical responders managed to revive him. The boy’s entire body went into complete shut down once more in the ambulance that was driving him to the hospital.
And, once again, the incredible team of first responders brought him back. Still, they let Julie know that the chances of her son making it alive were extremely slim. Everyone told her to prepare for the worst.
Landon’s injuries were just too extensive and he had a fragile, tiny body. But Julie never lost hope. She relied on her faith and begged God to let her son live. And against all odds, Landon woke up after spending 2 full months in a coma.
And the boy had some miraculous stories to tell about afterlife. When asked if he knows what happened to his dad, Landon said that he knew that his dad was okay because he had met him in Heaven.
Find out more about this incredible story and hear Julie recall the entire experience by watching the clip below.

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