Boy with autism is blind, doesn’t let that stop him from singing “Lean On Me” in stunning fashion

Some say that the only limits that truly exist are the ones we set for ourselves. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish as long as we believe in ourselves and work hard towards achieving our goals. Well, the young boy in the video below is definitely an inspiration in this regard.
Christopher Duffley is blind and autistic, but he doesn’t let his disabilities stay in front of his dreams and stop him from pursuing his passion for singing. It’s one of the things that Christopher loves doing most in this world, and it won’t allow anything to get in between him and his greatest passion.
Little by little, the boy managed to get ahead in his career as a singer, and he has no plans of slowing down. He will continue to share his talent and passion with as many people as possible and show them there’s nothing you can’t do as long as you heart is in the right place.
In the clip below, you can see him perform the song “Lean On Me” with the World Outreach Church Kid’s Choir in Nashville, Tennessee. What’s most impressive about this video is the passion with which Cristopher performs. This is inspiring!

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