Blind woman has spinal surgery after fall, wakes up from surgery with her vision back

In many ways, the human body is like a sophisticated machine where thousands of small components need to work together for everything to work properly. The way it functions is downright fascinating, and the story in the video below is just one more example that shows just how incredible the human body can be.
The main character in this unbelievable story is a woman named Mary Ann Franco, a resident living in Okeechobee, Florida. Back in 1995, the woman was involved in a serious cat accident that left her unable to see. She was declared legally blind and the doctors said she won’t be able to see ever again.
As you can imagine, Mary Ann was devastated by the diagnosis. The thought of living the rest of her life in the dark was almost unbearable, but slowly, she learned to adapt to her new life.
Then, more than 20 years after the accident, the unbelievable happened. Mary Ann was diagnosed with spinal injury and rushed into surgery. The unthinkable happened after she woke up from her surgery.
Believe it or not, Mary Ann was able to see again after more than two decades. Watch the video below to get all the details.

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