Black bear casually interrupts family’s picnic only to join them

When this Maryland family decided to have a forest picnic, they had no intention of sharing their delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich with anyone, let alone with a massive wild creature. But one beats the bush and another catches the birds as their plans got ruined by an uninvited guest!

Image credits Caters/@Kaitlynnesbit

Kaitlyn Nesbit was enjoying a meal with her family in the forest when a black bear suddenly crushed their picnic. Surprisingly the wild animal’s intentions was not to scare the 29-year-old woman and her buddies, but to join them. He even seemed to adore the peanut butter snacks. On the other hand the family was simply frightened with their blood running cold when they realized they got company. But even though they all managed to keep their cool.

Image credits Caters/@Kaitlynnesbit

The incredible scene was caught on camera by other family members that were at a safe distance at the time. They even urged those at the table to stay as calm as possible. “We were all told to not make sudden movements and stay where we were” Kaitlyn recalls. “Most of us were scared to death and filmed from the deck but the brave tested their luck.”

After a few minutes and a couple of tasty sandwiches, the massive bear found her way back into the woods just as relaxed as she made her appearance, in the first place. However, the family’s decision to feed the bear was harshly criticised on social media as this kind of behavior could only harm the wild animal. Actually, in Maryland is illegal to feed bears.

Image credits Caters/@Kaitlynnesbit

“DON’T FEED IT!,” an advice from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources reads.”Seeing bears can be very enjoyable, but it can lead to problems that will persist long after you have gone home!” Thankfully, this time all those involved got lucky as they all came unharmed from this!

Featured Image Credits Caters/@Kaitlynnesbit

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