Believe Me When I Say That You Have Never Seen Anything Quite Like This – LOL!

If you have a dog, then you most likely have all kinds of conversations with your pet. It’s no shame admitting it. Most pet owners do it. You can hear them talking to their dogs during their morning walk about their plans for the day. I know I constantly ask my dog for his opinion whenever I get dressed for a night out (my dog has excellent taste when it comes to shoes).
Somehow, dogs always seem to get us. The problems is that we don’t always get them. Let’s take the video below as an example. Charlie clearly wants to have a little chat with his owner, but it’s hard to make out what exactly he’s trying to say. Even though there’s no way of knowing what the dog was attempting to say, it sure looks like he has a lot to say.
My guess is that he was either talking about the UK leaving the European Union and the economic consequences worldwide, or gossiping about other dogs at the dog park that were sniffing each other’s butts.
What do you think the dog was trying to say? Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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