Beautiful Teamwork By A Raccoon Mother And Her Babies

Everything seems easier when you know you can rely on the unconditional love and support of your family. Friends and lovers can come and go, but family members are the one who will help you when things get hard.
Animals also know a thing of two about what it feels like to overcome challenges as a family. Let’s take this beautiful family of raccoons for example. They are the perfect example of how important it for families to act as a team and support each other whenever they are facing an obstacle.
In the images, a mother raccoon can be seen sitting on a wall with one of her babies as she tries to get all of her babies over the tall wall. Mom then leaned over the wall as the baby held onto her legs so she could reach out and grab the other baby and pull him up to safety. The way they manage to coordinate themselves is an impressive example of teamwork. Even though mom was probably yelling at her babies to move faster as they were trying to do as she said.

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